1. Devil's Blood

From the recording EP


From the top of the shelf, I've seen it all go down. Behind a local bar, in some Kentucky town. Johnny Walker Red's a good friend of mine. We've seen laughter, tears, heartache and stone cold lies.

Now every Saturday Night, they're coming through that door. Some people drink so they don't have to think about the path they chose. Some will celebrate, and some come to unwind. Some are hoping and searching for somebody they'll never find.

Sip'n on devil's blood, amber waves flowing through your brain. Until you don't feel a thing. Another shot straight to the brain. Devil's blood for anyone who needs a sweet release. Cause I am the remedy, if you need to drown a memory.

Barley, wheat and rye, in an old mash tun. Seven years in a barrel from a copper still on a single run. So take a shot straight up, or pour me over ice. I'm a gentlemen's choice, smooth and strong, aged and refined.