1. Simplify

From the recording EP


Someday I, am gonna lay my burdens down. I'm gonna leave it all behind. I'm gonna trade everything I own, for a simple life, cause the older I get the more I know that you can't take anything when you go. So take it one day at a time.

I wanna live a simple life. Take me away, get me off this roller coaster ride.
I wanna live a simple life. For the rest of my days, I'm singing something like.....

I like to laugh, and I love to sing. I like the peace of mind that simple living brings. Fresh coffee in my cup, sitting on the front porch as the sun comes up and I marvel at the world in pastel hues.


But sometimes it feels like you're caught up in the middle of it. Always getting chewed up and spit out of the daily grind. That's when the answer is clear, one word that'll change your style......simplify.